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New OCDM Version 1.7.0 Just Released | FaceBase

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New OCDM Version 1.7.0 Just Released

Published 30 January 2017

We are happy to announce the latest release of the OCDM, version 1.7.0. Click to download the archive file:

The work for this release focused on homology mappings between human and mouse developmental and postnatal anatomical entities in Craniofacial Human Mouse Mouse Ontology (CHMMO). Mappings include developmental entities, from the zygote to perinatal structures at progressive stages of development, with emphasis on embryonic precursors of components of musculoskeletal system of the head (muscles, bones, cartilages, skeletal ligaments and joints).

Provisional mappings were initially carried out based on similar or same names and then verified by our domain expert. We likewise consulted the literature for homology evidence, either based on direct molecular studies or inferred vertebrate Bauplan. Bi-directional one to one and uni-directional one to null mappings at the gross anatomical level were recorded in this work.