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The third phase of FaceBase has kicked off this fall and our first update is:
We are accepting data from the community!

How To Cite FaceBase

Copyright to data and images on the FaceBase site is held by the individual investigators that contributed them.

Please acknowledge the FaceBase projects that generated the data and relevant publications from FaceBase investigators in any of your work resulting from the use of FaceBase datasets. We’ll post the citations for relevant publications on the page linking to the dataset.

Your acknowledgment will help the NIDCR track community use of this resource. Thank you!

To cite FaceBase as a resource:

Please use the following citation when your research involved resources from the FaceBase website.

The FaceBase Consortium: a comprehensive resource for craniofacial researchers. Brinkley JF, Fisher S, Harris MP, Holmes G, Hooper JE, Jabs EW, Jones KL, Kesselman C, Klein OD, Maas RL, Marazita ML, Selleri L, Spritz RA, van Bakel H, Visel A, Williams TJ, Wysocka J; FaceBase Consortium, Chai Y. Development. 2016 Jul 15;143(14):2677-88. doi: 10.1242/dev.135434. Epub 2016 Jun 10.

To cite specific datasets from FaceBase:

Please use our "Share" function to cite datasets in papers that used or reused those data. This function displays a URL that is a permanent identifier that is guaranteed to always link to the current location of the data. A citation to a dataset in FaceBase is essentially equivalent to a citation to a paper or other scholarly work. A data citation should include the following information:

Authors. Title. FaceBase Identifier (Publication Year)
  • Authors - Include the contributors to the data. These usually include many or most of the members of the project that submitted the data. If you are unsure, list the PIs for the project that submitted the dataset as its authors.
  • Title Use the title found at the top of the dataset's web page.
  • FaceBase - Use "FaceBase" as the publisher or repository name.
  • Identifier - Some reference management software simply call this "URL." Use the link found in the upper right hand side of the dataset web page under the "Share" menu. Use the URL under the "Share Link" of that menu. For example, a citable identifier will look like Use the full URL as the dataset's identifier.
  • Publication Year - Use the year in the "Release Date" field.

Learn more about citing data at DataCite and Nature Research.

Share citation link

Here is where you can find the "Share" citation link:

Example showing the location of the Share link


Example showing the Share popup with the citable identifier