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Curating and Uploading Your Data | FaceBase

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Curating and Uploading Your Data

The following describes the basic phases your data will go through from once your submission to FaceBase has been approved to release of your data You can find documentation for adding metadata and uploading data files here.:

1. One-on-one tutorial

Once you’ve been approved for contributing your data to FaceBase, the Hub will contact you to set up a meeting and go over the details specific to your project.

2. Self-curated, forms-based data entry

In general, you will:

There are other sections or records to organize depending on your specific datasets.

Note: We encourage you to use this process during your data gathering phase, as a sort of lab notebook. Your data can only be viewed by the members of your Project and select members of the Hub until it is released.

3. Review

Once you have added your metadata and uploaded all of your data, let the Hub know and they will then review your dataset(s). They may ask further curation questions to make sure your data is easily findable in search queries. You may then let the Hub know it is approved for release or ask the Hub to embargo the data until a future date (ie, when your publication is released).