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Organism: Mouse (Mus musculus) | FaceBase

Organism: Mouse (Mus musculus)

Number of Mouse Datasets by Assay Types

Anatomical Resources

Navigate data by anatomical region

Toggle visibility of different anatomical regions and click an anatomical term to view related data in FaceBase.

Mouse Anatomy by Age Stage

View color-coded images of the mouse face across various developmental age stages.

Mouse Skull Flythrough

This animation provides a detailed 3D video of all aspects of the mouse skull.

Genomics Resources

Gene Summaries with Expression Patterns

View gene expression pattern drawings and related gene information.

UCSC Genome Browser Tracks (Mouse)

Browse mouse genomes provided by FaceBase:

EMAGE: FaceBase collection

The Edinburgh Mouse Atlas of Gene Expression (EMAGE) database hosts a collection of FaceBase data that includes gene expression pattern data from the mouse for a growing number of genes with possible roles in craniofacial development.

Gene Expression Profiles

Downloadable library of individual gene expression profiles indexed by gene for whole prominence and ectoderm/mensechyme.