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Organism: Human (Homo sapiens) | FaceBase

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Organism: Human (Homo sapiens)

Number of Human Datasets by Assay Types

Morphometrics Resources


3D Facial Norms

This popular resource provides access to high-quality craniofacial anthropometric normative data based on digital stereophotogrammetry, a method of 3D surface imaging ideally suited for capturing human facial surface morphology. Open and controlled access data.

Facial Landmarking (software)

This facial landmarking algorithm uses a landmarked template and transfers the landmarks to a given subject through a dense shape morph. This algorithm should be useful for facial data represented by meshes of similar structure and quality.

Genomics Resources

Human Genomics Analysis Interface (HGAI)

Explore human genomics analysis results for oral facial clefting, facial variation, and dental traits. Open access data.


Samples collected as part of the FaceBase Biorepository (FaceBase 1) are available to researchers interested in collaborating with the University of Iowa on projects focusing on genetics and Craniofacial conditions.

UCSC Genome Browser Tracks (Human)

Browse mouse genomes provided by FaceBase:

Gene Wiki

A listing of genes known to play a role in craniofacial development. Many include links to full descriptions on Wikipedia.