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21 dpf Development

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21 dpf
Alizarin red

By 510 hpf, the palatoquadrate (pq) has grown considerably from that seen at 339 hpf, but its overall shape has remained basically the same since that achieved at 146 hpf. The palatoquadrate articulates with Meckel’s cartilage (Mk) anteriorly and the hyosymplectic (hs) posteriorly. The quadrate (q) has now spread through the perichondrium to cover part of the anterior portion of the palatoquadrate, excluding the pterygoid process (ptp). The ectopterygoid (ect) can be seen in the dermis running antero-ventral to the lateral portion of the pterygoid process of the palatoquadrate, approaching the Meckel’s-palatoquadrate joint. The metapterygoid (mpt) has spread in the perichondrium of the posterior portion of the main body of the palatoquadrate. Also visible is the scleral (sc) cartilage of the eye.