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12 dpf Development

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12 dpf
Alizarin red

By 288 hpf, the hyosymplectic (hs) has grown considerably from that seen at 240 hpf. In addition, the angle between the dorsal hyomandibula and ventral symplectic regions of the hyosymplectic, with the articulation of the interhyal (ih) as the fulcrum of this angle, appears to have decreased compared to that seen at 240 hpf. The hyomandibula (hm) bone has almost completely covered the hyomandibula region, and dermal extensions of the hyomandibula from the perichondrium are prominent both anteriorly and posteriorly. The symplectic (sy) bone has extended in the perichondrium of the symplectic region further anteriorly, medial to the quadrate (q), and further posteriorly, medial to the preopercle (pop).