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10 dpf Development

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10 dpf
Alizarin red

By 249 hpf, the overall morphology of the ceratohyal (ch) appears like a dumbbell from the lateral view, with a thicker posterior end. The ceratohyal articulates with the interhyal (ih) along the dorso-posterior edge of the ceratohyal, with the basihyal (bh) dorsally and the contralateral ceratohyal medially at the anterior midline, and with branchiostegal rays 2 and 3 (bsr2, bsr3) along the postero-lateral aspect of the ceratohyal. Also, branchiostegal ray 1 (bsr1) articulates with the medial side of the ceratohyal bone (chb), which has grown in size along the anterior-posterior aspect of the ceratohyal perichondrium. The ventral hypohyal (hhv) has spread dorsally and posteriorly in the perichondrium at the ventro-anterior tip of the ceratohyal.