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10 hpf Development

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10 hpf
Alizarin red

By 247 hpf, the pharyngeal skeleton includes Meckel’s (Mk), palatoquadrate (pq), basihyal (bh), ceratohyal (ch), interhyal (ih), and hyosymplectic (hs) cartilages, and maxilla (mx), dentary (d), anguloarticular (aa), retroarticular (ra), quadrate (q), ceratohyal bone (chb), branchiostegal rays 1-3 (bsr1, 2, 3), hyomandibula (hm), interopercle (iop), subopercle (sop), opercle (op), and ceratobranchial 5 (cb5) bones. Other bones visible here between 8 dpf and 10 dpf include the premaxilla (pm), derived from the first pharyngeal arch, the basihyal (bhb), ventral hypohyal (hhv), symplectic (sy), and preopercle (pop) bones, derived from the second pharyngeal arch, and the urohyal (uh) bone. Also visible are the scleral (sc) cartilage of the eye and the cleithrum (cl) bone of the pectoral fin skeleton.