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  • *  (c) indicates that the anatomical term refers to a feature of cartilage, while (db) and (cb) refer to dermal and chondral bone respectively
  • +  for discussion of this terminology, please see Comments section of About the Atlas page
  • #  the term epihyal also has been applied in the literature to the hyomandibular portion of the hyosymplectic, but we follow Cubbage and Mabee's usage here
Abbreviation Anatomical term
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aa anguloarticular (db)  
bb basibranchial (c)  
bh basihyal (c)  
bhb basihyal bone (cb)+  
bsr branchiostegal ray (db)  
bsr1 branchiostegal ray 1 (db)  
bsr2 branchiostegal ray 2 (db)  
bsr3 branchiostegal ray 3 (db)  
cb ceratobranchial (c)  
cb5 ceratobranchial 5 (c)  
ch ceratohyal (c)  
chb ceratohyal bone (cb)+  
cl cleithrum (db)  
cop1 copula 1 (c)  
cor coraco-scapular (c)  
d dentary (db)  
ect ectopterygoid (db)  
en entopterygoid (db)  
eh epihyal (cb)#  
e ethmoid (c)  
ff facial nerve (VII) foramen (c)  
hm hyomandibula (cb)  
hs hyosymplectic (c)  
hb hypobranchial (c)  
hhv hypohyal, ventral (cb)  
inf1 infraorbital 1 (db)  
ih interhyal (c)  
iop interopercle (db)  
j joint (c)  
mx maxilla (db)  
Mk Meckel’s cartilage (c)  
mm mentomeckelian  
mpt metapterygoid (cb)  
op opercle (db)  
oe oral ectoderm  
ot otic capsule (c)  
pq palatoquadrate (c)  
pa pharyngeal arch  
pp1 Pharyngeal pouch 1  
pm premaxilla (db)  
pop preopercle (db)  
ptp pterygoid process (c)  
q quadrate (db)  
ra retroarticular (cb)  
rap retroarticular process (c)  
sc scleral (c)  
sop subopercle (db)  
sym symphysis, mandibular (c)  
sy symplectic (cb)  
t trabecula (c)  
uh urohyal (db)